AFT-S21000E | Snappy Saddle Diffusers | 62 mm Tube


  • Desing Flowper Meter: 1.5 – 8.5 SCFM (2.6 – 14.5 Sm3/hr)
  • Flow Range Per Meter: 0 – 11.0 SCFM (0 – 18.0 Sm3/hr)
  • Active Surface Area: 3.25 ft2/set (0.30 m2)
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs/set (3.2 Kg)


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AFT-S21000E | Snappy Saddle Diffusers | 62 mm Tube

  • Highest possible qualit y and technology means years of trouble-free efficient operation.
  • Highest possible SOTE independently tested per ASCE and lowest possible headloss.
  • Compression molded EPDM membranes have very tight wall thickness tolerances, a long track record and exhibit even air distribution and minimal shrinkage over time.
  • One-piece lightweight but strong ABS body makes handling during installation very easy.
  • Single orifice on top center line of pipe means little chance for a single diffuser failure to contaminate all diffusers.
  • Experienced Engineering and Drafting staff with years of practice to assist you.
  • Integral register prevents cantilevered diffusers from axial rotation around the header pipe.
  • 212º F (100º C) temperature resistance and environmentally-friendly ABS body.
  • Individual thermocouples in each cavit y of compression mold = 100% qualit y control.
  • Low membrane plasticizer content to reduce shrinkage and hardening, but enough to avoid creep.
  • Multiple integral check valves keep your aeration piping system clean.
  • In stock on 3 continents in 4 locations.