BioSteps Premium Kit | Matala® Filter Pump Tubing UV and Waterfall kit


kit Includes:

  • BioSteps-II + MagFlow Pump MF-1100EZ + Kink Free Tubing PVC 75 (3/4″ diameter x 25′) + Waterfall + + Hose Clamp (16-32mm) * 2pcs
  • All components in one package to make Matala filtration easy for the end user! 4 kits available.
  • Basic Kit includes the BioSteps with Magna-Flow 1100-EZ Pump with EZ Bio 11 Plus, Flow Control Valve and 25 feet 3/4″ Kink-Free Tubing.
  • Other options include Kits with the new 16 watt UV Clarifier or the Waterfall Spillway.
  • No guessing on proper size hose and pumps anymore!
  • These new kits will make sales and installation a breeze!