Blower with Sound Cabin | Redux ™ | 8″

Technical specifications

  • Flow range: 2108 CFM – 2654 CFM
  • Pressure: up to 36 PSI
  • Vacuum: up to 27 inHg
  • Discharge port: 8 ″ (20 cm)



Blower with Sound Cabin | Redux ™ | 8″

Pressure and Vacuum Applications
Assembled with Lobular Blowers

Helical triple lobe
The importance of reducing pulsations. Fewer pulsations = Less noise = Quieter operation.

The HeliFlow Industrial Series combines proven blower design experience and manufacturing techniques to create an innovative, low-noise solution in positive displacement blower and vacuum pump applications.

Quiet operation

  • Integrates a proven platform with a unique and innovative rotor design
  • Solid helical triple lobe rotors
  • Low noise and pulsation design

Higher reliability

  • HeliFlow’s smooth, pulsation-free operation increases the life of bearings and downstream instruments
  • Larger diameter shafts offer superior torsional load
  • Double splash lubrication provides longer life and shorter service intervals


  • Solid helical triple lobe rotors
  • Exclusive triangular ports
  • Large diameter shafts
  • Large spherical roller bearings
  • Helical Alloy Synchronized Gears
  • Advanced piston air and oil ring seals
  • Double splash lubrication
  • One piece cylinder
  • Available with mechanical seals for gas applications
  • Manufactured to strict ISO 9001 quality standards and evaluated to meet exacting performance requirements
  • Plus, they are locally supported by a network of trusted and experienced sales and service professionals.
  • 24 or 30 month warranty