EZ BIO 11 PLUS | Matala® Coarse Pre filter | Coarse Green Mesh + Adaptor



  • Matala EZ Bio 11 Plus: Mechanical pre-filtration for pumps | State of the Art Progressive Filtration | Multiple pore sizes and progressive density dramatically reduces clogging.
  • Improved pump efficiency: Prevents flow reduction to premature clogging | Improves energy conversion to water flow | Extends pump lifetime | Rugged construction
  • Ez install: Connects to many types of pumps – Cleaning: Minimal Maintenance, low clog design | Simply clean the filter media with tap water – Replacement pre-filter for Mag Drive Pump
  • Includes: 3-Section hose barb 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ | Adapter 1-1/2″ NPT +1-1/2″ barb | Collar 1-1/4″+1-1/2″ | Collar 1″+1-1/2″ | Maximum flow-through: 5,600 (gph) / 21,200(Iph) | Can be placed at any distance from the pump.
  • Used in: Ponds, lakes, commercial fish farms, Koi ponds, aquaculture, algaculture, mariculture, shrimp farms, large aquariums, pool ponds, canals, boat slips, water fountains and more. Life by Air!


EZ BIO 11 PLUS | Matala® Coarse Pre filter | Coarse Green Mesh + Adaptor

The new EZ-Bio11 Plus Prefilter uses the green coarse density Matala which is more suitable as a prefilter to a submersible pump like our Magna-Flow Pumps or the Danner/Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pumps. The coarse density protects the submersible pump by capturing large paricles and allowing only small particle to go through. This extends the cleaning time for the EZBio II Plus. This prefilter works well when combined with another filter after the pump. It will allow only small particles to your main filter such as the BioSteps filter. In this way the EZBio 11 Plus enhances the effect of progressive filtration. By spreading the dirt through your filter system from coarse to medium to fine you will achieve better filtration and longer time periods between cleaning.

The new EZ-Bio11 Plus also comes with 3 connectors called “Magic Adapters”. The standard multi-barb adapter is also included. The Magic Adapter is designed to connect the EZ-Bio11 Plus easily to all sizes of the Danner/Pondmaster Mag-Drive pumps on the market. The Magic Adapter also connects the prefilter to our Matala Magn-Flow Pumps.

Can handle high flow rates up to 5000 gallons per hour. Multiple units can be joined togehter to increase pre-filtration capacity.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in