MDB11 | Matala® Single Air Base With 9″ Inch



  • Item – Matala Single Air Base with 9 in Disc
  • Model Number – MDB11
  • Base Sockets – 1 Air diffuser connection
  • Air Discs Included – 9″ Air Diffuser Disc
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MDB11 | Matala® Single Air Base With 9″ Inch

  • Matala air diffuser platform with 9″ EPDM Disc Diffuser(s)
  • Makes pond and lake aeration easier than ever!

The air diffuser platform allows you to mount air diffuser(s) firmly at the bottom of the pond and keeps the air diffusers up out of the mud. The air diffuser platform is designed with a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel. Choice the number of disc diffusers for your installation needs.

The Matala EPDM disc diffusers are designed for industry heavy duty installation. Precision perforated I-shaped slits open when airflow is present and close when airflow is stopped, which increase the slits resist from tearing, and stay cleaner longer. These diffusers offer the lowest back pressure in the market, only adds less than 6 inches of water depth back pressure, allowing you to utilize your air pump in the most efficient way. All different model types comes with a single 3/4-inch PT female threaded outlet connection.

A Quick uni-pack available to easily connect 2 air diffuser platforms together with only one 3/4-inch PT threaded outlet connector; double the aeration performance without extra air pump or air tubing!

Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in