MDB24 | Matala® Dual Air Base Complete Lake | 9″ Inch


  • Matala MDB24 | 2 empty bases with 4 x 9” inch diffusers | Each diffuser requires 4 – 16 cfm (120 – 480 lpm) to operate properly | Hollow inside to fill with rocks, sand or gravel.
  • Includes 4 section socket: ⅜ – ⅝ – ½ or 1 inch barb for hose, tubing or pipe | diffuser base comes with a threaded ¾ FNPT connection | Hassle free packaging and installation.
  • Used for: increasing dissolved oxygen, improving water quality, water circulation, dock & boat slip deicing, wastewater treatment plants WWTP, solids floatation, water gardens and various other applications.
  • Life by Air supplies aeration kits and filtration equipment for Ponds, Lakes, Aquariums, Canals, Commercial Fish Farms, Koi Fish Tanks, Aquaculture, Shrimp Farms, Pool Ponds and more. Our products include all types of blowers and pumps, weighted air diffusers, aeration and weighted hoses, complete aeration kits and much more.
  • In aquatic environments like fish ponds, aquariums, lakes or aquaculture projects, oxygen is the single most limiting factor for success | Aeration keeps plants and animals in the water alive | Contact Life by Air for more information.



MDB24 | Matala® Dual Air Base Complete Lake | 9″ Inch

Matala Lake Aeration Diffuser Bases are designed to keep the air discs up off the mud bottom of a lake.

The MDB24 comes complete with four 9″ air discs supported above a double base. Includes multi-barb for hose connection. Also available with 12″ air discs for large air compressors.

The double base is heavy duty rugged plastic with soft edges. Fill the base with small gravel and sand and purge of all air bubbles. The base comes with a friendly multi-barb that will allow connection to various sizes of air hose including 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 1″.