MDB350-3/8-100 | Weighted Diffuser Kit | Aeration Kit for Water Treatment, Fish Farms, Ponds & Lakes


Kit includes:

  • Weighted Base for diffuser + SSI 12 inch industrial Fine Bubble Diffuser + 100 Feet x 3/8 inch
  • Submersible Hose + 2 x Stainless Steel Hose Clamps | Diffuser Requires 1- 4 cfm (25 -120 lpm)
  • to operate properly | Base is Hollow inside to be filled with rocks, sand or gravel.



MDB350-3/8-100 | Weighted Diffuser Kit
  • Used in: Commercial Fish Farms, Wastewater Treatment Plants WWTP, Ponds, Lakes, Big Aquariums, Fountains, Pool Ponds, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Water Gardens, Koi Ponds and other various applications that require Fine Bubble Aeration.
  • Used for: Algae control, increasing dissolved oxygen, improving water quality, mosquito control, water circulation, dock & boat slip deicing, wastewater treatment plants WWTP, solids floatation, water gardens and various other applications.
  • Aeration Benefits: Algae control, oxygen transfer, improves water quality & clarity, dock deicing, mosquito control, water circulation, boat slips, prevents water from freezing and much more | In aquatic environments like fish ponds, aquariums, lakes or aquaculture projects, oxygen is the single most limiting factor for success | Aeration keeps plants and animals in the water alive.
    Ergonomic and lightweight enough that can be moved from tank to tank | Includes 4 section socket: ⅜ – ⅝ – ½ or 1 inch barb for hose, tubing or pipe connection | diffuser base comes with a threaded ¾ FNPT connection | Hassle free packaging and installation | Life by Air Original !